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The perfect blend of traditional, personalized matchmaking with an efficient, online system

  • More personal: Receive 2 dedicated matchmakers
  • Extensive database: 30, 000 Jewish singles
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Jewish Dating

SawYouAtSinai is an online Jewish dating service where expert Jewish matchmakers assist Jewish singles with finding love and meaningful relationships. Professional Jewish matchmakers screen, select & send quality matches thereby maximizing the Jewish dating experience for Jewish Singles around the USA.

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This online Jewish matchmaking approach gives members a unique dating edge. With matchmakers available both locally and internationally for personal interviews.


    • "I appreciate the hard efforts my matchmakers are making" - SYAS Member 3,009

    • "You have put together a winning formula for making shidduchim!" - SYAS Member 22,336

    • "It's amazing hearing so many successes. Baruch Hashem, I am one of them!" - SYAS Member 10,751

    • "I told my Rav I get good suggestions as I'm blessed with a great Shadchan" - SYAS Member 16,789

    • "I want to express how essential your work is! Keep it up!" - SYAS Member 2,308

    • "I've met my Kallah! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" - SYAS Member 26,443

SawYouAtSinai is a Jewish internet dating and Jewish matchmaking service that is helping thousands of Jewish singles of various ages, backgrounds, cultures and interests find their match (their bashert). SawYouAtSinai focuses on (but is not limited to) helping Conservadox, Yeshivish and Modern Orthodox Jewish Singles find an appropriate shidduch. This service also benefits Jewish singles with various lifestyles such as single parents, divorcees, widows, young professionals or older singles, so that they can meet their bashert.

SawYouAtSinai realizes the importance of maintaining its members’ confidentiality as well as the importance of profile screening. Only appropriate members that either you choose or were specifically chosen for you by your personal matchmaker (shadchan) will see your profile. With profiles only made available to compatible singles, privacy and discretion is therefore always maintained. You schedule a discreet, confidential interview with your matchmaker. This allows the matchmakers to recognize what traits that you are looking for in a potential partner and better understand the type of people that you have found compatible in the past. We then use our matching algorithm to find the best possible matches. Finally, the matchmaker reviews these matches to confirm that they meet the unquantifiable details that you discussed during the interview, thereby maximizing your Jewish dating experience. Our companies Jewish matchmakers (shadchanim) have made successful matches between Jewish singles internationally including: Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Montreal, London, Manchester, England, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Israel, Johannesburg, Sydney and Melbourne just to name a few. With free sign up, singles can benefit from SawYouAtSinai’s unique online matchmaking and Jewish dating service today!